Baltimore Media Fantasy Football League Week 9 Recap

Posted on November 08, 2013 by Ken Zalis

Here is a quick rundown of how it all went down for the Baltimore Media Fantasy Football League during Week Nine. The playoff teams through nine weeks are Dinky to Trenton, The Crowther Sled, Rob Long, Quick Strikes, The HellllooootiNgatas and Fractured Skulls. Thyrl's Thugs and Berset's Ball Busters are one game behind Fractured Skulls for the last spot. Four weeks are left during the regular season.

Follow all of the action by clicking here.

High Score of the Week: Rob Long pulled into second place in overall points with his 162.98-point effort.

Low Score of the Week: Thyrl's Thugs' team let him down by scoring 80.36 points.

Week Nine Results:

TheHelllllooootiNgatas 128.78, Fans Fantasy - KZ 118.88 
Dinky to Trenton 147.22, Daluvmuscles 131.10
Fractured Skulls 113.40, Quick Strikes 95.94
Turpz 158.56, Conn Man 143.04 
The Crowther Sled 111.48, Berset's Ball Busters 96.88
Rob Long 162.98, Thyrl's Thugs 80.36

Week 10 Matchups:

Fans Fantasy - KZ versus Daluvmuscles 
Fractured Skulls versus TheHelllllooootiNgatas 
Turpz versus Dinky to Trenton 
Berset's Ball Busters versus Quick Strikes 
Rob Long versus Conn Man 
Thyrl's Thugs versus The Crowther Sled 

As a reminder, here are the teams and the participants in the order that they drafted. I think it's a nice representation of the Baltimore media.

1. Rob Long (105.7 The Fan) -- Rob Long
2. Jeremy Conn (105.7 The Fan) -- Conn Man
3. Morgan Adsit (Fox 45 sports) -- TheHelllllooootiNgatas
4. Ken Zalis ( -- Fans Fantasy - KZ
5. Kristen Berset (WUSA in Washington, D.C.) -- Berset's Ball Busters
6. Glenn Clark (WNST) -- Turpz
7. Thyrl Nelson (WNST) -- Thyrl's Thugs
8. Cary Newborn (PressBox) -- Quick Strikes
9. Aaron Wilson (The Baltimore Sun) -- Fractured Skulls
10. Stan "The Fan" Charles (PressBox) -- The Crowther Sled
11. Russ Dlin (CBS NFL) -- Daluvmuscles
12. Gary Stein (105.7 The Fan) -- Dinky to Trenton

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