Baltimore Media Fantasy Football League Week 10 Recap (Part II)

Posted on November 15, 2013 by Ken Zalis

Week 10 in the books, and there are three weeks left during the regular season. The playoff push is here. As of now, the six playoff teams would be Taste Dwayne Bowe, Flacco's Eyebrows, Harbsfan, Baltimore Sports and Life, FansFantasyFootball and Hanes Skidmarks. No one is more than two games out of the playoffs with three weeks to go. Positions 4-11 are separated by one game. It looks as if total points scored will be important in this league.

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High Score of the Week: BringingHomeTheShiva led the way with 113.10 points.

Low Score of the Week: Showalters Nuggets, who had a 50.86-point showing, seems to have given up … tsk tsk, Tom.

Week 10 Results: 

Fans Fantasy Football 105.22, Baltimore Sports and Life 99.72
iHateJJRedick 90.48, Whole Ngata Love 75.46
Harbsfan 110.92, Showalters Nuggets 50.86
Flacco's Eyebrows 127.86, BmoreChix 104.58
BringingHomeTheShiva 113.10, Taste Dwayne Bowe 100.92
Hanes Skidmarks 110.68, MAFIA BOY 90.20 

Week 11 Matchups:

Fans Fantasy Football versus iHateJJRedick 
Whole Ngata Love versus Harbsfan 
Showalters Nuggets versus BmoreChix 
Flacco's Eyebrows versus Taste Dwayne Bowe 
BringingHomeTheShiva versus MAFIA BOY 
Hanes Skidmarks versus Baltimore Sports and Life 

As a reminder, here are the teams and the participants in the order that they drafted. I think it's a nice representation of the Baltimore media.

1. Bill West (Q1370 and host of the "Purple Pride Sports Show") -- MAFIA BOY 
2. Jamie Watson (Q1370 "Tee Off with Jamie Watson" show) -- Harbsfan 
3. Phillip Walls (owner/president at LGC Sports Marketing) -- BringingHomeTheShiva 
4. Chris Stoner ( -- Baltimore Sports and Life 
5. Stephanie Patz ( -- Whole Ngata Love 
6. Tom Peace ("The Gino's Super Sunday Sports Show" and CBS Radio producer) -- Showalters Nuggets 
7. Krys Renzi ( -- BmoreChix 
8. Ken Zalis ( and -- Fans Fantasy Football 
9. Phil Backert (Producer at SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio) -- Flacco's Eyebrows 
10. Andy Haynes ( -- Hanes Skidmarks 
11. Phil Gentile ( -- iHateJJRedick 
12. Samuel Njoku (Baltimore Examiner) -- Taste Dwayne Bowe

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Baltimore Media Fantasy Football League Week 10 Recap

November 15, 2013

With three weeks left until the playoffs, only one Baltimore Media Fantasy Football League team has been eliminated from contention.


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