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You have to have a valid membership to attend this event

You have to have a valid membership to attend this event

Fan On The Street: What's The Most Annoying Fan Behavior At A Game?

June 15, 2015

PressBox asked a poll of readers a trending sports question. Their answers appear below.

Stan "The Fan" Charles posed a question on Facebook, asking what fan behavior annoys you the most while you're at a sporting event.

Craig Heist

The Wave. It's the most ridiculous thing ever in a ballpark.

Tom Montgomery

Fans dropping F-bombs in front of small children in the bathrooms and in the seating area.

Kevin George

I've got two. Neighbors talking on the phone (it's even more infuriating watching the nimrods on my TV waving to their buddies at home while yakking on the cell phone). ... My other is having the person in front of you stand up during a non-eventful part of the game. Of course, you need to stand up (or twist to the side to see around him/her) to see the game, which creates a maddening ripple effect behind you as everyone else has to adjust, too.

Dave Fairall

Talking on cell phones or just chatting it up and not watching -- conversations that have nothing to do with the game.

Greg Thyrl Nelson Mortgages

Fans who stand up and turn their backs to the action and wave their arms to encourage others to stand up, too. Who put these guys in charge of pushing the pep?

Adam McCallister

The "Hey-let-me-show-you-my-fantasy-team-score" fan. I'm here to watch two real teams, not the one you made up in your basement.

Wayne M. Shorter

A fan who is in the middle of the aisle and gets up over and over again to go to the concourse.

Alan Pototsky

The fan sitting behind you who thinks he is Howard Cosell giving color commentary.

Paul Reed Jr.

Booing your home team/players -- leave that for Philadelphia and New York.

Andy Snaks

People who have great seats and don't pay attention to the game. I've sat behind home plate a few times at Camden Yards, and on occasion, I'll see people in those same seats reading a magazine or a book. Why pay good money for those seats and use it for your reading time?

Steven Harz

People who discuss, loudly, the intricacies of the game, but are 100 percent incorrect in their synopsis.

Dave Kowalewski

Going to your seat and getting up from your seat in the middle of an inning, play or drive (especially if you are in the middle of a row and have to make 12 people move). There are breaks for a reason. Use them.

Jill Dudley Cohen

The fan who spills a drink behind you, and it flows under the seat in front of them.

Ira Malis

How about people that just won't shut up -- cussing or not. I know it isn't a library, but why do the people behind me never seem to shut up?

Vince Fiduccia

Fans who are too busy taking selfies and get up when play is in progress.

George Petrides Jr.

Season-ticket holders who sell every game to the opposing teams' fans.

Andrew Hofferbert

The wave. Nothing says "I'm stupid" more than joining other stupids in flailing your arms in the air, distracting fans who are actually interested in a tied game in the eighth inning.

Michele Patsos

Being over the top rude to fans of the opposing team. I know, as a coach's wife, my relationship with games and sports are much different than the average fan. But I can't get over people who act like a team or game or sport is their life and death, and they treat other fans terribly. Get a life.

Frank Luber

Drunks, which probably accounts for all of the above.

Anne Boone-Simanski

Rude, arrogant, visiting fans. Welcome to our park/stadium, but remember whose house it is. You're a guest -- behave like one.

Eric Garfield

I don't mind most of the behaviors mentioned here. The cussing and intoxication are usually a bit too much, but that's how sporting events have always been, and I think that lends itself to the party. That being said, I just don't see how rooting for the Steelers at a Ravens game can lead to a fight or near-fight. I love sports and root hard for my teams (one of them a fantasy team) and wouldn't even think to fight or incite someone rooting for the opponent. Like the sign says, 'Don't be a jerk.'

Online Extra:

Jason Winegrad

Visiting fans that are … d*%#s. Home fans that treat visitors with disrespect.

George Petrides Jr.

Hands down … "Baltimore Steelers" fans at a Ravens game. They should be ashamed.

Ray Van Horn Jr.

Jug heads who try to instigate fights against fans of the losing team while in line for the bathrooms -- cowards.

Jon Wilson

I'd have to go with the "O" being yelled during the National Anthem during any Maryland, Virginia and D.C. area sporting event not involving the Orioles, and even then, it's still annoying. Followed closely by seat jumpers. You want better seats -- pay for them.

Jerry Edwards

Peeing in the sink at a football game -- just saying.      

Michael Ricigliano

I sit on the end of the aisle at Ravens games, and a guy a few seats in has a bladder issue (and constantly is drinking beer ). I feel like I'm doing the wave all game with this guy hitting the head, grabbing a beer, coming back in, drinking, going back out, etc.

Charles Ota Heller

At Orioles games: people who talk on cell phones, and to one another, constantly text and pay no attention to the game being played. Why are they there?

Tommy Welk

The language at Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium is horrible at times. You can't move to another seat like the old days at Memorial Stadium. They need to have no-drinking sections or no-drinking family sections. It is something the Orioles and Ravens should consider. When I go see the IronBirds in Aberdeen, Md., and also the Bluerocks in Wilmington, Del., you don't hear or have to worry about drunkenness or foul to very foul language. Being a grandfather of three grandsons, I don't feel comfortable going to Orioles or Ravens games with them.

Issue 210: June 2015