Mock Drafts

Posted on April 24, 2007

PressBox's Joe Platania and Matt Zenitz present their 2007 Mock Draft projections.

No. Team Joe Platania's Picks
1 OAK JaMarcus Russell
2 DET Brady Quinn
QB, Notre Dame
3 CLE Adrian Peterson
RB, Oklahoma
4 TB Calvin Johnson
WR, Georgia Tech
5 ARZ Joe Thomas
T, Wisconsin
6 WAS Gaines Adams
DE, Clemson
7 MIN Leon Hall
CB, Michigan
8 ATL LaRon Landry
9 MIA Levi Brown
T, Penn State
10 HOU Amobi Okoye
DT, Louisville
11 SF Adam Carriker
DE, Nebraska
12 BUF Alan Branch
DT, Michigan
13 STL Jammal Anderson
DE, Arkansas
14 CAR Paul Posluszny
LB, Penn State
15 PIT Patrick Willis
LB, Mississippi
16 GB Marshawn Lynch
RB, California
17 JAX Jarvis Moss
DE, Florida
18 CIN Darrelle Revis
CB, Pittsburgh
19 TEN Aaron Ross
CB, Texas
20 NYG Lawrence Timmons
LB, Florida State
21 DEN Charles Johnson
DE, Georgia
22 DAL Justin Blalock
G, Texas
23 KC Dwayne Bowe
24 NE Ted Ginn
WR, Ohio State
25 NYJ Anthony Spencer
DE/LB, Purdue
26 PHI Jon Beason
LB, Miami
27 NO Chris Houston
CB, Arkansas
28 NE Michael Griffin
S, Texas
29 BAL Tony Ugoh
T, Arkansas
30 SD Brandon Meriweather
S, Miami
31 CHI Justin Harrell
T, Tennessee
32 IND LaMarr Woodley
DE/LB, Michigan
No. Team Matt Zenitz' Picks
1 OAK Jamarcus Russell
2 DET Gaines Adams
DE, Clemson
3 CLE Adrian Peterson
RB, Oklahoma
4 TB Calvin Johnson
WR, Georgia Tech
5 ARZ Joe Thomas
OT, Wisconsin
6 WAS Amobi Okoye
DT, Louisville
7 MIN Brady Quinn
QB, Notre Dame
8 ATL LaRon Landry
9 MIA Levi Brown
OT, Penn State
10 HOU Joe Staley
OT, Central Michigan
11 SF Patrick Willis
MLB, Ole Miss
12 BUF Paul Posluzsny
OLB, Penn State
13 STL Alan Branch
DT, Michigan
14 CAR Reggie Nelson
S, Florida
15 PIT Darrelle Revis
CB, Pittsburgh
16 GB Robert Meachem
WR, Tennessee
17 JAX Jamaal Anderson
DE, Arkansas
18 CIN Leon Hall
CB, Michigan
19 TEN Ted Ginn
WR, Ohio State
20 NYG Aaron Ross
CB, Texas
21 DEN Adam Carriker
DE, Nebraska
22 DAL Dwayne Jarrett
23 KC Dwayne Bowe
24 NE Jon Beason
OLB, Miami
25 NYJ Greg Olsen
TE, Miami
26 PHI Marshawn Lynch
RB, California
27 NO Lawrence Timmons
OLB, Florida State
28 NE Brian Leonard
RB, Rutgers
29 BAL Chris Houston
CB, Arkansas
30 SD Michael Griffin
SS, Texas
31 CHI Arron Sears
OT, Tennessee
32 IND Justin Harrell
DT, Tennessee

 Issue 2.17: April 26, 2007


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