Edsall Finalizing Terps' Depth Chart

Posted on August 16, 2011

By Matt Zenitz

COLLEGE PARK -- Almost two weeks into preseason practice, Maryland coach Randy Edsall has seen progressive improvement from his team, especially offensively, as it continues to work towards its regular-season opener against Miami Sept. 5.

Even with that being the case, though, Edsall still sees plenty of room still left for improvement.

"As we continue to move forward, and have even more practices, we'll iron some of those things out, though, before we have to play Sept. 5," Edsall said at Maryland's Media Day press conference Tuesday.

Edsall did say, though, that the offensive depth chart is all but solidified at this point, although there are still multiple players fighting for either starting or backup jobs defensively.

He declined to address specific changes he had made to the depth chart since the start of preseason practice, but mentioned several players that have impressed him during the early part of preseason practice.

At wide receiver, Edsall has been pleased with starters Kevin Dorsey, Quintin McCree and Kerry Boykins, as well as top backup Ronnie Tyler, but also mentioned freshman Marcus Leak and senior Tony Logan, also a standout punt returner, as two other players that caught his eye early in camp. He also said freshmen running backs Justus Pickett, Brandon Ross and Jeremiah Wilson had all been making a push for more playing time with strong camps thus far.

He went on to say the Terrapins' offense is further along than its defense at this point, adding that defensive players "need to just make sure they're doing what their job is" rather than "trying to go and make a play because they want to see their name on the stat sheet." Without singling any players out, he said the defense a whole needed to consistently go out and execute the assignment it was given.

"When we do that, we're good," Edsall said, "but when we don't, we're not as good and not as productive as we need to be."

But he did spotlight freshman defensive end Keith Bowers, junior linebacker Darin Drakeford, sophomore defensive end David Mackall, and starting safeties Matt Robinson and Eric Franklin as defensive players that had stood out during preseason camp.

"We've got a little more work to do defensively than we do offensively right now," Edsall said, "but we'll iron those things out."

Posted Aug. 16, 2011


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