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You have to have a valid membership to attend this event

Is It OK For Orioles To Trade Manny Machado To Yankees?

July 10, 2018
I'm officially discontinuing my "Orioles Trade Deadline Power Rankings" series. Look, I just can't sit here and pretend like there are still 10 Orioles who offer value at the deadline to make them worthy of being dealt. But I've still spent the last week talking to the one millennial I know about what's popular on the internet so I could attempt to weave the references into my rankings, so allow me the chance to prove that I'm aware of something everyone was into like three weeks ago but I just found out about.

The following is a list of the top 20 teams the Baltimore Orioles shouldn't trade Manny Machado to:

20. There
19. is
18. no
17. team
16. the
15. Orioles
14. shouldn't
13. trade
12. him
11. to
10. they
9. have
8. to
7. maximize
6. their
5. return
4. in
3. the
2. deal
1. The New York Yankees

You're probably aware of Ken Rosenthal's July 9 report for The Athletic that the Yankees are showing "increased interest" in Machado. This comes just weeks after Orioles fans perhaps felt relief that such nightmare fuel wouldn't arrive. YES Network analyst Ken Singleton said on Glenn Clark Radio June 1 that the Yankees wouldn't be in the market for Machado because the left side of their infield (third baseman Miguel Andujar and shortstop Didi Gregorius) has been outstanding and the team's needs were elsewhere. 

But Andujar has struggled since then, and the Yankees would apparently be willing to send him back down to Triple-A in favor of Machado. 

This potential scenario creates a pretty cut-and-dried "take" scenario for Orioles fans. 

Take A: The Orioles should absolutely be willing to deal Machado to the Yankees because they have to get as much as they possibly can in a deal and it might be the Yankees who are willing to do that. 

Take B: The Orioles should absolutely not trade a player to the Yankees who could end up re-signing there and help New York beat Baltimore for years to come. But also are they interested in Chris Davis?

Some of the "Take B" types would still be unwilling to deal Machado to the Yankees even if they weren't worried about the prospect of him re-signing there simply because they don't want to stomach the thought of Machado in pinstripes helping the "Evil Empire" claim a World Series title. But the prospect of Machado enjoying his time in New York and deciding to stick around there long-term makes this hypothetical even more frightful. 

Perhaps this debate is best viewed in a pros vs. cons context. (On a related note, I claim the T-shirt rights to "Pros vs. Cons" if Alabama ever plays Ohio State in the College Football Playoff championship.) 

So if the Orioles were to trade Manny Machado to the Yankees ...

PRO: The Yankees have a lot of talent in their system that the Orioles might benefit from receiving in a trade. Perhaps more than any other team. 

CON: Manny Machado would be a Yankee, and I'm going to eat CC Sabathia's weight in Strawberry Shortcake Oreos to deal with my sadness. 

Crap. That didn't help at all. The Strawberry Shortcake Oreos are probably delicious, so I'm back to the drawing board. 

Being completely genuine, this has been a rather difficult take for me to wrestle. I wish I worked at a network that paid me enough money to just tell me what my opinion is so I could have no shame and scream about it and pretend the other side of the argument wasn't just as logical. But since Colin Cowherd just got a new contract, I guess I'll have to work my way through this one. 

Will the Orioles end up trading Machado to the Yankees? I doubt it. But they shouldn't simply ignore it as a possibility either. 

I have never been of the belief that the American League's starting All-Star shortstop will show favoritism to the team that acquires him at the trade deadline. I don't really even understand the theory. Machado is set to receive a contract that will allow him to purchase a lawn mower that can travel 150 mph or perhaps the world's entire supply of donkey cheese (I know that's an old reference, but I just heard about that and holy crap it's amazing.) or maybe just a decent haircut. 

Why would Machado limit his earnings potential by deciding he wants to show favoritism to any one particular team? I've always believed he would sign with the team that offers him the most money, which is where I believe 99 percent of players sign. (The rest sign with the Golden State Warriors, obviously.) That might well end up being the Yankees, but I don't think the reason he'll sign there long-term will be because he spend an extra two or three months there this season. 

The Orioles can't force Machado to not play for a team that could beat them for the next decade or so. They could attempt to sign him themselves (They clearly won't.), but they can't limit where he could go next because they wouldn't like it. I mean, this isn't college football. 

So why would the Orioles deny a potentially great deal from the Yankees and take less from another team if Machado might just end up signing with the Yankees in November anyway? 

I truly understand your reservations, but this one is pretty cut and dried. Whoever makes the best offer, the Orioles take it. If that means Machado helps bring a World Series title to the Bronx this fall, so be it. We still have way more indoor soccer titles than New York. 

Photo Credit: Kenya Allen/PressBox