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You have to have a valid membership to attend this event

Ravens RB Justice Hill Makes The Cut ... On The Field And As A Barber

August 12, 2019
Justice Hill probably doesn't need a backup plan. 

The Baltimore Ravens' fourth-round pick out of Oklahoma State is a near certainty to make the roster as a rookie, and his versatility and athleticism are likely to help him carve out a role in a crowded backfield. 

But if for some reason something were to go wrong for Hill in the near future, the good news is that he has a fallback option. Actually ... he has a few. 

"Everything starts with some action," Hill told PressBox. "I just take action on everything I try to do. I'm just a go-getter. Whenever I see something or I wanna do something, I go do it. It's just something that's instilled in me, I guess. Whenever I just want to do something, I do it."

So what all has that mindset led to for Hill? Well for one, he was the team barber in college. 

"It started back in high school. I just started cutting my own hair and my brother's hair," Hill said, referring to University of Michigan safety Daxton Hill. "I got to college and then there weren't any barbers in the area so I started cutting everybody's hair."

So how did he learn to cut hair? The same way most anyone learns to do anything these days. 

"I just YouTubed," Hill said. "I learned a lot of stuff off of YouTube. YouTube might as well have its own university because you can learn anything off of there.

"I've always been good at it. I never really messed anybody up or anything. I've always been pretty good."

Before Hill became the go-to barber for football players in Stillwater, Okla., he was just a kid who took up a hobby to try to solve problems. 

"It was just something I wanted to do just because first, you just save a lot of money," Hill said. "And then if you mess up, you can only blame yourself. If you go to the barbershop and somebody messes you up, you're mad."

After signing his rookie contract, Hill doesn't have to worry about cutting his own hair any longer. He taught his former Oklahoma State roommate -- redshirt junior linebacker Devin Harper -- how to cut hair, and Harper has "carried the shears," if you will. Hill has found a barber locally and enjoys relaxing in the barbershop while getting a cut. But that desire to save money translated beyond just grooming. 

While in high school, Hill ran right back to YouTube (and Google) with a simple query: "how to make money." He came across a concept that was likely foreign to most kids his age. He started investing. 

"Most people that you talk to, successful people, they all have investments," Hill said. "That's just something that I wanted to get into because everybody that's successful has invested into something. So I wanted to start early. I just had some extra money from cutting hair and I just decided to do it and it turned out good for me." 

Being so financially conscious has led Hill to taking on a role as a bit of an adviser in the locker room, despite being just 21 years old. But it hasn't led to him feeling the need to put aside every penny he's made so far. 

"Obviously, you enjoy yourself," Hill said. "You work hard for a reason -- so you can enjoy the nicer things in life when you want to. I don't go crazy but whenever there's something that I want to do, there's something that I enjoy doing, I'm gonna go out and do it. You don't gotta invest every single bit of it. A big thing is saving. Investing, there's still some risk in investing.

"There's nothing I really needed or I was like, 'I need this,' or 'I want to get this.' Obviously I helped my family out a little bit, but other than that, I haven't done anything crazy."

Which isn't to say Hill doesn't have any other interests. That same go-getter mentality he takes to the football field, barbershop and financial world he's also put into other hobbies. He admits to having played "Call Of Duty" for 12 consecutive hours or more -- just because he wanted to be great at anything he put his mind to. 

Hill says he doesn't imagine cutting hair as being part of his post-football future. Well, not for profit anyway. 

"It's not something I want to do, it's just a nice skill to have," Hill said. "Whenever I have kids or whatever, I won't have to take them to the barber shop. I'll just sit them down."

And with all of his new teammates making NFL money, he's not being hit up for a haircut anymore -- which in college was as often as 10 times a day. That doesn't mean he wouldn't be capable of being a "barber to the stars."

"Everybody here -- they're not looking for nobody like me to cut their hair," Hill said. "But I'm probably better than most of their people. Real facts."

Photo Credit: Kenya Allen/PressBox